Model Portfolio Retouching

I offer a photo retouching service for photographers, magazines, fashion models and agencies. All aspects of portrait retouching including body reshaping and retouching, head shots, figure & facial work, commercials, magazine covers, photographer’s portfolios, including glamour photo retouching. Photo retouching starts from as little as £3 ($4.50), there is also a bulk retouching discount for orders of 5 photos or more.

What can we do?

  • Retouch blemishes, scars etc.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Remove wrinkles.
  • Glossy magazine type airbrushing.
  • "virtual" weight reduction.
  • Naturalise skin tones.
  • Remove red eye and brighten eyes.
  • Teeth whitening and repair.
  • Add makeup, lengthen and darken lashes.
  • Remove background distractions.
  • Correct colour, lighten overly dark photos and enhance contrast.

Prices from just £5

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