weight reduction using photoshop

Keep your photo retouching skills up to date

28 November 2018

It’s always a good thing to brush up on your photo retouching skills and keep up to date with new photo retouching tips and digital manipulation tricks. Over time and the belief I have years of experience, I have noticed …
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Retouching and enlarging a GoPro photo

25 October 2018

Retouching and enlarging a GoPro photo. It is not every day you get a photo of yours being blown up to a staggering size and then placed onto a huge billboard.  It was used to promote the entire season (2017/2018) of …
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How to avoid the Photographer from Hell and other Wedding Photo Disasters

18 October 2018

In this article, I will write about how to get professional wedding photos. During Autumn/Fall I always tend to get quite a few enquiries from very disappointed couples who have had their wedding photos recently delivered. As I have mentioned …
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A great photography assignment

13 September 2018

As I have mentioned before, not only do I retouch photos, but I am also a photographer, photographywebsitedesign.co.uk is my website just in case you are interested. I was contacted by RedMile London  around 2 years ago to retouch some of their …
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photographer and retoucher

Photographing and retouching photos for Joshua Ellis

31 May 2018

As I have mentioned before, I am not only a photo retoucher, but I am also a photographer and also a video producer and recently I got to use all three of these services in one project. I was contracted to …
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wedding photo tips

Wedding photography tips part 2

23 May 2018

This is my second article on how to take better wedding photography photos including retouching them. As you can well imagine juggling photography, photo retouching and trying to post blog articles can be a bit tricky when one is flat …
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Wedding photography tips

28 March 2018

Wedding photography tips and advice to reduce your photo retouching time in front of the computer.. I get a lot of photo retouching enquiries from very unhappy brides and grooms. In my opinion it is probably one of the most …
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How much photo retouching is needed?

26 March 2018

How much photo retouching is needed on an image? Before starting your airbrushing, read the photo retouching instructions sent by the client. Sometimes I get emails from photo retouchers asking for work, one even suggested I replace myself as the retoucher …
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wedding retouching client

Satisfied clients make my day

16 October 2016

My wedding photo retouching service satisfied client post. I have just completed a wedding photo retouch batch from a couple based in the USA, and what really made my day was their response to my work: ”Paid! Thanks again for …
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Rising popularity of retouched wedding photos

16 February 2015

Wedding photo body reshaping retouching and airbrushing is becoming really popular. This has become one of my most frequently requested photo retouch service. As a wedding photo retouching specialist, I was recently contacted by  a leading Australian newspaper to contribute to their …
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replacing colour to enhance photo

Simple colour replacement tip to bring out a stock product

10 April 2014

  Digital photo editing to enhance products is commonly used to increase sales. Here is a simple tip on bringing out a stock product during the photo retouching process. Recently I received a batch of furniture stock photos to retouch. …
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advice for photographers

Can you survive as a photographer in the digital age?

21 July 2013

A friend once said to me “the best way to make money from photography is to sell your camera!” Welcome to photography in the digital age! A lot of photographers I know are all saying how difficult it is to make …
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Photo retouching Tips: Tip # 2, Quick Background Removal .

19 July 2013

Imagine you the photo retoucher have just 200 images sent to you by your client, and they are expecting them back, like yesterday….Here is a digital photo retouching and editing tutorial, As retouchers we are always looking for shortcuts to …
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cleaning background out

Photo retouching Tips: fixing over exposed photos.

27 June 2013

Welcome to In Focus Photo Retouching Tips. A digital photo retouching tutorial that I will be blogging about to help improve your photos, for you to become less dependent on me: “the photo retoucher” for all your photo editing. The first …
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