Satisfied clients make my day

16 October 2016

I have just finished a wedding retouch set from a couple based in the USA, “Paid! Thanks again for everything… I’ll be in touch as there are still more photos that could use some retouching, but for now, I am …
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Rising popularity of retouched wedding photos

16 February 2015

As a wedding photo retouch specialist I was recently contacted by  a leading Australian newspaper to contribute to their article: “Rising popularity of retouched wedding photos sees brides slimmed, tucked and airbrushed”. in Australia were covering an article about the growing demand for …
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Simple colour replacement tip to bring out a stock product

10 April 2014

A simple tip on bringing out a stock product during the retouching process. Recently I received a batch of furniture stock photos to retouch. The client mentioned that he was disappointed by how the furniture got lost in the photo, …
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Can you survive as a photographer in the digital age?

21 July 2013

A friend once said to me “the best way to make money from photography is to sell your camera!” A lot of photographers I know are all saying how difficult it is to make a living in the digital era. …
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Photo retouching Tips: Tip # 2, Quick Background Removal .

19 July 2013

Imagine you the photo retoucher have just 200 images sent to you by your client, and they are expecting them back, like yesterday….As retouchers we are always looking for shortcuts to help with photo editing, because as we all know: …
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Photo retouching Tips: fixing over exposed photos.

27 June 2013

Welcome to In Focus Photo Retouching Tips. A series of tutorials that I will be blogging about to help improve your photos, for you to become less dependent on me: “the photo retoucher” for all your photo editing. The first …
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