Real Estate Retouching

Real Estate photo retouching starts from as little as £3 ($4.50), there is also a bulk retouching discount for orders of 5 photos or more.

We Can Help Sell/Promote Your Propery

  • We can correct colour, lighten overly dark photos.
  • Intensify and saturate the colours of the lawn, house and landscaping.
  • Make virtual repairs to certain features.
  • Create a sunny day for a cloudy day photo.
  • Perform virtual paint touch-ups.
  • Remove any unwanted background items.
  • Hide flaws, dirt or other small, detracting blemishes.
  • Correct perspectives and lines of buildings

We have seen a marked increase in house sales

We used In Focus for their retouching services. We are really happy with the results, and have seen an increase in house sales which is quite incredible, considering the global downturn on property sales. Daniel, Property Developer, Spain