Satisfied clients make my day

16 October 2016

My wedding photo retouching service satisfied client post. I have just completed a wedding photo retouch batch from a couple based in the USA, and what really made my day was their response to my work:

”Paid! Thanks again for everything… I’ll be in touch as there are still more photos that could use some retouching, but for now, I am ecstatic with these! Take care!” – Sara
I am always happy to hear from satisfied clients. If you listen (read) to what the client is asking for in their photo retouching requests and treat the photos as if they were from your  own wedding day; you cannot go wrong with the work. As always I never share finished photo retouches as I respect the privacy of my clients, but alt least I can share their comments.

Here is another client who has just emailed me with her feedback on my photo retouching services:

Hi Chris:

Everything looks great!! Thanks again!!! 🙂 I’m hoping we are DONE!!! I will take a look at the album once more in its entirety these next few days and let you know 🙂 But I have a feeling we are good! 🙂

Thanks again!

 Followed by:

I finally got a chance to look at everything as whole it looks great!! Thanks again for all the amazing work you’ve done for me!! 🙂 If I ever need any other photo edits, I will be seeking you out again! 🙂

 Have a wonderful weekend! – Sandy 

This post is not about me gloating about my photo retouching services, but more about some of the testimonials I have received, which give you the potential customer an insight into my work ethics and standards.


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