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Happy clients make my wedding photo retouching services special

1 September 2020

Having positive feedback from  an ecstatic wedding photo retouching services customer, makes me extremely happy! Recently I had a USA based client contact me enquiring about my wedding photo retouching services. She was really happy with her wedding photos, but …
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Wedding photo retouching service, my favourite editing work

20 July 2020

My wedding photo retouching service is my favourite digital photo editing work. Retouching wedding photos is made even more rewarding when you get positive feedback from your customers. I believe wedding photos are quite often one of the most memories …
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Wedding photography tips how to take great wedding pictures

15 March 2020

Wedding photography tips and advice on how to reduce your photo retouching time in front of the computer.. I am in the fortunate position to have some really skilled clients like Chris Ferenzi a USA based wedding and event photographer, …
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photo retouching editing blog

Wedding Photo Disasters

18 October 2018

In this article, I will write about how to avoid Wedding photo disasters, the wedding photographer from hell and most importantly: How get professional wedding photos. Most importantly photos you will treasure! During Autumn/Fall I always tend to get quite …
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A huge rise in demand for wedding retouching airbrushing

16 February 2015

Wedding retouching airbrushing has become incredibly popular. This increasing popularity of having retouched wedding photos, especially when it comes to body reshaping and retouching, has become one of my most frequently requested photo retouch service. As a wedding photo retouching …
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