Photo Editing Tools

30 March 2020

So you’ve graduated from your smartphone’s photo editing tools. You might feel that the apps offered by your phone’s operating systems or Instagram, are a bit basic for your editing needs. And now you are looking to take your photo …
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speed up retouching workflow

Speed up retouching workflow

22 July 2019

In My latest post “Speed up retouching workflow”, I have another suggestion on how you can optimise your time retouching photos. For this I would like to introduce you to Adobe Lightroom.  When I first started digitally retouching photos, my …
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retouching and upsizing a photo

Enlarging GoPro photos

25 October 2018

It is not every day that a photo you have taken, will be enlarged  to a staggering size and and then placed onto a huge billboard. What was really astounding was that it was a GoPro photo. Enlarging GoPro photos …
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photo retouching editing blog

Wedding Photo Disasters

18 October 2018

In this article, I will write about how to avoid Wedding photo disasters, the wedding photographer from hell and most importantly: How get professional wedding photos. Most importantly photos you will treasure! During Autumn/Fall I always tend to get quite …
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photo retouching editing blog

A great photography assignment

13 September 2018

As I have mentioned before, not only do I retouch photos, I am also a photographer. I recently had a great photography assignment in London to shoot a product library of antiques. is my photography website just in case …
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photo retouching editing blog

Wedding photography tips and advice

23 May 2018

Wedding photography tips for beginners. I will talk about how to take better wedding photos including retouching them. As you can well imagine juggling photography, photo retouching and trying to post blog articles can be a bit tricky when one …
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