Create amazing real estate photos

In this blog post I will go through some photo editing tips to create amazing real estate photos. As well as being a photo editor, I am also a photographer that specialises in real estate photography. It is all fine and well to take what you think are great photos, real estate photography often needs more photo editing than other photography.

Correcting Colour

It is essential to correct the colour as well as the highlights and shadows in a real estate photo. The potential buyer or guest wants to see the whole room, without a colour cast.

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Title: Exposure and Colour correction


This real estate photo had the colour corrected, the white balance adjusted as well as the shadows and highlights corrected.

This edit is really easy to do in Photoshop, or any similar photo editing application. All you need to do is add an adjustment layer to enhance the image

Correcting Perspectives

When taking real estate photos, 99% of the photos will need perspectives corrected. There is nothing more unappealing when searching for a villa on AirBnb and the walls are not even straight.

Useful Real Estate Photo Editing Tips

In This photo, you can see all the vertical lines are parallel, to the human eye, this is very pleasing. Adobe Lightroom is a really great application to use, it has perspective correction tools which make this photo edit really easy to get right.

Adding a blue sky on a dull day

Not all real estate photo shoots go to plan. There is usually only a day or so when the villa or apartment is free of guests. So what happens when the only day available to take photos, it is overcast and dull. One possible way to fix this real estate photo is to replace the dull sky with a nicer looking sky. to edit these real estate photos, I cut out the sky in photoshop using the pen tool. I replace it with a sunnier blue sky. I will be doing a blog post shortly on how to cut out the sky, If you can’t wait check out this video I did on YouTube:

Cutting out a sky using a pen tool takes quite a bit of skill. Luminar Neo has a built in sky replacement tool, which might suit your photo editing needs.

Creative real estate editing

Lastly, if you really want your real estate photos to pop, it might be time to do some high end photo editing.

real estate photo enhancement

This is already a really great real estate photo, My client really wanted to make it pop.

real estate photo enhancement

So I retouched, the mirror out, changed the colour of the cushions and the book on the table for the colours to pop. Lastly I added a City of London skyline to the photo for a more luxurious feel.

I hope these real estate photo editing tips have been of use to you. Feel free to get in touch  if you have any photo retouching queries.