General Photo Retouching

General Photo Retouching

We offer an affordable photo enhancing, photo restoration and repair service. Get your photos retouched for as little as little as £2 ($2.80). There is also a bulk photo retouching service discount, send 5 or more photos for enhancing and we will give a 25% discount.

It’s happened to all of us; people wander into the background of your wedding photos or holiday snaps. Ruining your precious photos. Even your perfect portrait headshot needs to be retouched to remove blemishes, stray hairs, and wrinkles. That’s where digital photo retouching and professional photo enhancing services can help you.

Photo Retouching Services

We use the latest image editing software, and I have years of photo retouching, restoration and repair experience. We can retouch a photo with: colour correction and exposure, fix a photo a photo by removing unwanted objects and distractions. We can even add or remove people in a photo.
The only thing that can distinguish a professional photograph from a snapshot is whether the photo has been digitally retouched or not.

As always we believe the feedback I get from my photo retouching clients is the best way to promote my photo enhancing services:

Looks awesome! Thank you! – Chris Ferenzi Photography USA

Thank you Chris. Beautiful work! I will definitely send over any more of myself or my partners’ pics going forward. Thanks again – Jane Bayler UK

Thanks Chris, regards – Vincenzo Photography, London UK

Get in touch with us today, and let me transform your photos.

What our photo retouching services can do for you:

  • Fix exposure and colour correction.
  • Remove unwanted objects from the photo.
  • Remove stray hairs and blemishes.
  • Add or remove people or objects from a photo.
  • Merging 2 photos into one image.
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    Title: Product Photo Edit


    In this product photo retouch, I digitally edited an egg chair into the photo. This photo was enhanced for a website. Subtle retouching can really improve the company's image and convert into more sales. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need any of my photo editing services.

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    Title: Professional Wedding Photo Retouching


    In this wedding photo retouch, the photographer did not take a photo of only the bridesmaids. I was asked if it was possible to retouch the photo, to include only the bridesmaids. It was quite a complicated photo edit, fortunately I had had a photo of the background. This made my retouch much easier as I did not have to add too much of the missing parts of the photo.

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    Title: Background masking retouching


    A simple background removal for a client. The final photo was prepared for both the website and a print catalogue. If a photo is prepared for online marketing, it will not be optimised for a print catalogue. I will make sure your photos are ready for whatever format you need to use them for. Thanks -  I'll definitely use your services for future photo retouching work. Cameron Sinclair - Dynaweld Australia

What our clients think about our retouching services

For me the best way to advertise my retouching service is to let you know what my clients think about it:

  • Chris, OMG!. That’s amazing. I can’t believe you did that. Thank you so much. Take my money!!! I’ll be in touch with more, I’m almost certain!!!

    Liz Stewart Photography Washington DC

  • You are truly amazingly talented!! One of the best things that happened to my career was to meet and work with you. Best regards. Ben

    Ben Zweig, Owner,

  • Thank you so much I’ve paid you. I’ll be looking through my photos again and will send you for editing if I still require more edits. I’ve highly recommended you to the Singapore brides to be Telegram group and as well as the other girls who took photos at my bridal studio. Hopefully this will bring you more business! Will be leaving good reviews for you as well on Google. Best regards, Shirley

    Shirley Teo - Singapore

  • Thanks so much for your work Chris, speedy efficient & couldn't help enough! Will be using again!

    Bob Lyons - USA

  • Communication is great! The work is equally impressive. Response is spot on. You know exactly what it will cost, Chris makes sure you're satisfied before you get your image(s). This a hassle free, quality service! I look forward to future work.

    J.D. - USA

  • He fixed a photo that has been annoying me for years. Turned out much better than I had expected so I was impressed. Fast and reasonably priced. Should have done this years ago…

    James Maughan -UK

Bulk wedding retouches 25% discount!

Get a 25% discount if you send me 5 or more photos for retouching.

Email me your photos with instructions on what you want retouched to improve them.
I will get back to you with a fee for the retouching.

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