Happy clients make my wedding photo retouching services special

1 September 2020

Having positive feedback from  an ecstatic wedding photo retouching services customer, makes me extremely happy! Recently I had a USA based client contact me enquiring about my wedding photo retouching services. She was really happy with her wedding photos, but felt she did not have her best photo in front of the altar.
What she wanted is an intimate photo of her (the bride) and her husband, smiling and happy in the church in front of the altar. There was also a pedestal blocking the bride and groom which she wanted removed from the photo.

This type of wedding photo retouching I really enjoy. I have had numerous wedding photo editing assignments where the client wanted the background changed, people added or removed from the wedding photo edit. I really enjoy the cutting out of people, cloning and adding the missing parts to the photo.

This is the first wedding photo edit I completed. To see the before and after move the vertical slider.

She was so happy with the retouch, she asked me to use the same background for another photo of her and the groom. The only photo editing I needed to do for the second photo was cut out the bride and groom and add them to the new background.

Wedding photo retouching services

Here are the two photos of the bride and groom I used to add to the church photo. The photo on the right was a simple cut out, the exposure and colour balance was the same as the new background image, so it was a relatively easy photo retouch.

The second photo was more complicated. The colour balance was different and the exposure of the wedding photo retouch was brighter. I also had to remove the grass from the groom’s shoes and create a shadow for the final retouch.

wedding photo retouching services

When the photo editing was completed I asked her if I could use her wedding photos for my portfolio and she replied “Absolutely! Thank you for asking. We are very impressed and excited to have this photo!” She was also kind enough to leave me a 5 star Google review, you can check it out here.

This is only one example of the bespoke wedding photo retouching services that I offer, check out my portfolio for more wedding photo edits.

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