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Title: How to get rid of unwanted wedding guests


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How to get rid of unwanted wedding guests, is a very common photo editing enquiry I receive. I am not talking about calling the police or security to eject an unwanted guest. It is an enquiry to remove unwanted guests from wedding photos.

I edit out bridesmaids, the best man, maid of honour and annoying in laws to mention a few. There are so many examples in my portfolio of getting rid of these unwanted guests photo editing. I posted a video of my work online:

To my surprise, it has thousands of views. There are tons of people searching online for this photo editing service. It is a pity that one of the most special days of your life is ruined by a guest at your wedding.

While editing these wedding photos, erasing these guests from existence, I wonder what happened to reach this point. Why was the guest invited in the first place? One of the most common reasons for unwanted wedding guests. is the obligation of inviting the family of the bride or the groom. The ones you have to to invite, even if you can’t stand them!

After the ceremony, the wedding photos are sent by the photographer. This is where the fun begins. It is quite easy to understand the desire to remove an annoying grandad, whose flatulence spoilt the exchange of vows. Or the mother of the groom who visibly did not approve of this union. And to boot thought the bride looked like a cheap hooker.

The most interesting unwanted wedding guests that need editing out are the friends, the best man, maid of honour, bridesmaid or even the brother of the groom. What shenanigans must have taken place to reach this point. While editing out the maid of honour from a set of wedding photos, I could not help but notice her smug expression.

And judging by the correspondence from the bride. It would seem that she was more than friends with the groom. The husband is still bringing home gifts of flowers and sentimental chocolates to atone for his philandering.

The same has happened with removing the best man. Dallying for one final fling with you know who, or marking his territory one last time.

How to get rid of unwanted wedding guests

Unfortunately there is no easy way to edit out these people. Usually I use the pen tool to cut out the offending guest. I move other people around in the photo and clone a new background into the empty space. Below is a video I uploaded showing the photo editing process:

For me the most satisfying aspect of wedding photo editing is the feedback I get back from my clients once I have sent the final photos. If you have unwanted wedding guests you want to remove from your wedding photos, get in touch.

I will make sure you have a day to treasure!