I can restore badly damaged photos. Even photos you feel are beyond repair. Send them to me, I will bring your precious memories back to life. Most of the photos I get sent, have heavy damage. This can be from mould or water damage, even faded by years of sunlight. I have on occasion had to restore photos with broken glass from the picture frame stuck on the image

I enjoy my photo restoration services. Most of these badly damaged photos are precious to the client. Many times it’s the only photo someone has of a beloved family member or precious memory. It important to take time when restoring such beautiful iconic pictures. It is tempting to use shortcuts, such as the dust & scratches filter. But the best results come from meticulous, patient restoration photo editing.

Fixing photos damaged by water and mould

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Title: I can restore badly damaged photos


Mould and water had damaged this photo. The image was an important memory of when the couple were sweethearts, the only photo they had.

When restoring damaged faces in photoshop. It is good to have a knowledge of human anatomy. This can help with photo restoration. It is also a big advantage to be able to illustrate. This skill will help add parts of the face and body that are missing in the photo. It might not be always possible to exactly recreate the original.

This happens when large parts of the faces are completely damaged. Saying that, the final photo restoration is much closer to the original damaged photo. Working pixel by pixel is time consuming. But your results can be rewarding. Especially when you get Google positive feedback from your photo restoration clients.

Old damaged photo restoration

I can restore badly damaged photos

This incredibly damaged photo was incredibly challenging. If you look closely at the original, it is pixelated, like a newspaper photo.

I can restore water damaged photos

The added challenge was to restore the photo to colour. I am really pleased how the final edit turned out. I was one of the only surviving photos of their parents.

Wedding photo restoration


This wedding photo was not that badly damaged. The biggest challenge after restoring the photo was to add colour to it.


The digital era  have made it easier to ensure that the photos we take today will last longer. There are still things we can do to help preserve memories captured before the advent of the pixel. This is where our damaged photo restoration services can restore your memories!

A video slideshow of some of my recent damaged photo restoration edits.