Keep your photo retouching skills up to date

28 November 2018

Photo retouching skills updated. It’s always a good thing to brush up on your photo retouching skills and keep up to date with new photo retouching tips and digital manipulation tricks. Over time and the belief I have years of experience, I have noticed that got quite complacent about my level of skill, how I use Photoshop and more importantly the time it takes me to complete a retouch – especially when I have a big deadline to meet. I have fallen into that category, believing I have reached a peak in skills and time management. Recently I have stumbled upon a few videos that have literally given me a kick up the backside as far as what is possible with photoshop.

Here is one example, a great training video about removing unwanted objects from a photo I found on YouTube:

What I have known about and hardly ever used, was the fill selection tool (with content aware and colour adaption ticked), check out around minute 1.10 and you will be amazed at how quickly the photo retoucher removes an unwanted person. I stopped using this as I had a few bad results when trying to fill using tricky background. Forgetting this useful tool at my disposal, I must have wasted tons of my retouching time, as I have gotten used to the more traditional clone stamp and healing brush tool, which can end up being way slower.

 photo retouching skills updated

A quick person removal using the fill tool

The internet is a wealth of information, you just have to get past the suggested cute puppy clipss that seem to be the default YouTube recommended video at the moment. With a bit of searching using the right keywords, you will find what you are after. One channel that I find really resourceful  is Tuts & Motion graphics – they cover many subjects including photoshop. You will not believe how powerful this tool really is!

So my suggestion is, when you have down time and get sick of people fail videos and funny pets, head over to a learning channel and pick up a few tricks and tips to improve your retouching skills!


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