Model portfolio retouching

Model portfolio retouching is what makes all the glossy photos look amazing. With my body reshaping and model portfolio retouching service, you too can look good and feel great. I can edit all aspects of portrait photos, including reshaping and retouching the body, headshot retouching, figure and facial retouching, commercials, magazine covers, photographer’s portfolios, including glamour photo retouching.

My photo retouching services are not exclusively for professional clients. Send me your selfies, Facebook or Instagram photos that you are not completely satisfied with. I will retouch them and make you look great.I

Model Portfolio Retouching

My photo retouching and body reshaping retouching services are also used by photographers, magazines, fashion models and agencies. I use non destructive retouching methods in all my photo editing. I also work to achieve perfect but natural looking skin. There is nothing worse in beauty retouching than fake looking airbrushed models.

Model portfolio photo retouching starts from as little as £2 ($2.80). There is also a bulk photo retouching discount for orders of 5 photos or more. I retouch your photos with discretion, I will never share the retouches with friends or post the photos on social media.

What can I do for you to improve your photos?

  • Retouch blemishes, scars etc.
  • Photo retouching to even skin tone.
  • Glossy magazine type airbrushing.
  • "virtual" weight reduction (body reshaping retouching).

PERFECT – that’s the one Chris – thank you!!

Please do invoice me. Kind regards, Glen Birmingham UK

This looks PERFECT! Thanks Chris! And as always, thanks for always keeping your prices low for me! Sandy, USA

Fast and easy, the best in Town! – Sanjay Gangadin Picture Momentz – Holland

Thank you so much for doing those for me! I really appreciate it! You have done amazing work on these photos and for that I will be before grateful. Additionally, I truly apologise for taking so much of your time. My OCD nature just wants to make sure these images look the best they can before we share them with family and friends for the holidays. Sandy – USA 

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You too can look great on Instagram!

  • Naturalise skin tones.
  • Remove red eye and brighten eyes.
  • Teeth whitening and repair.
  • Add makeup, lengthen and darken lashes.
  • Remove background distractions.
  • Correct colour, lighten overly dark photos and enhance contrast.

Prices from just £5

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