My wedding photos are terrible! I am a wedding photo retoucher, I have lost count of wedding photo edit enquiries about bad wedding photos.

I have already written numerous articles about wedding photo disasters, but it seems to be more common than before.

Recently I completed a batch of wedding photo retouches for Kate from the USA, and she cannot stop complaining about their terrible wedding photos.

Here is one of the may messages I received from her:

Hi Chris,

The photographer basically did not do her job, won’t own up to it. And keeps quoting her contract to avoid sending more photos or trying to do the right thing as everything is at her discretion..To sum it up, my wedding photos are terrible, so I am in need of a photo of just the groom and his Dad (see attached).

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The wedding photographer did not include all of the various group photos that were required. Kate mentioned in an email: “As you may recall from grooms party photos, she is not that skilled, and did not deliver a lot of “must have” and key moments.. So  as I am making the wedding photo album, I keep coming across photos I am missing.”

I was tasked with creating at least 20 photos with various wedding guests retouched into a photo, or edited out. Another comment Kate had was:

“For example, all the best photos she did in black and white only.  I asked for them in color and got a few, but not all. Attached is a B&W photo I would like colorised with other photos for reference colours.  Right now I have it in the photo album as Sepia with a bit of a reddish hue, but you always seem to do better than me.  What do you think?”

I managed to colourise the wedding photo, plus many other wedding photo edits that Kate asked for. It was a really long process, but I managed to give her the wedding photo album that she wanted.

She was so pleased she left me a 5 star google review I now have 91 5 star reviews for my photo editing services. Feel free to get in touch if you to0 feel that your wedding photos are horrible. You might be surprised at what I can do for you.