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Happy clients make my wedding photo retouching services special

1 September 2020

Having positive feedback from  an ecstatic wedding photo retouching services customer, makes me extremely happy! Recently I had a USA based client contact me enquiring about my wedding photo retouching services. She was really happy with her wedding photos, but …
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Photo retouching services for new clients

29 August 2020

As a photo editor with an online presence, I quite often receive enquiries from large corporations looking to photo retouching services that can manage bulk photo editing orders. I really enjoy fixing all the photos that get sent to me, …
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Wedding photo retouching service, my favourite editing work

20 July 2020

My wedding photo retouching service is my favourite digital photo editing work. Retouching wedding photos is made even more rewarding when you get positive feedback from your customers. I believe wedding photos are quite often one of the most memories …
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google reviews

Winning The Photo Restoration Service Of The Year – South England

10 July 2020

I was contacted yesterday and informed that I have won the Photo Restoration Service Of The Year – South England prize. It is a Corporate LiveWire Award. At first I thought it was another Covid 19 email scam, as you …
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Photo restoration service

Photo restoration services for a historical photo archive

2 July 2020

It was a great privilege to be invited to use my photo restoration services for a historical photo archive: The Hasidic Archive They are a  USA based historical archive of Jewish history, specifically for the Hasidic Jewish community. Obviously once …
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photography during lockdown

Photography during lockdown covid photo editing repercussion

15 June 2020

Photography during lockdown has been heavily restricted. The financial impact during this Covid 19 crisis has been heavy. I have been in regular contact with my photography clients, as well as my photo retouching colleagues. We have all lost income. …
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Improve seo and speed up your website

8 June 2020

Improve seo and speed up your website. My photo editing services are used by photographers, bloggers and businesses to promote themselves . They use the edited photos to promote their business online. Many of my photo retouching clients choose me …
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do headshots need retouching

Headshot photos, do they need retouching?

7 April 2020

In this short post I will be looking at headshot photos and the big debate as to whether they need retouching. Firstly I would like to define what photo retouching is. As soon as somebody hears the words: “retouching a …
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Photo Editing Tools

30 March 2020

So you’ve graduated from your smartphone’s photo editing tools. You might feel that the apps offered by your phone’s operating systems or Instagram, are a bit basic for your editing needs. And now you are looking to take your photo …
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Wedding photography tips how to take great wedding pictures

15 March 2020

Wedding photography tips and advice on how to reduce your photo retouching time in front of the computer.. I am in the fortunate position to have some really skilled clients like Chris Ferenzi a USA based wedding and event photographer, …
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photo retouching editing blog

How much retouching is needed to create a stunning photo?

14 March 2020

How much retouching is needed on an image? Before starting your airbrushing, read the photo retouching instructions sent by the client. Sometimes I get emails from photo retouchers asking for work, one even suggested I replace myself as the retoucher …
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Why are my cell phone photos so small

Why are cell phone photos so small

21 November 2019

A question that appears a lot in google searches is “Why are cell phone photos so small?”. There are About 1,710,000,000 answers to this question! I recently got a wedding photo retouching enquiry from Jeanine in the USA, the message …
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How to optimise images for websites online

How to optimise images for web online

31 October 2019

In this post I will show you a really simple (best of all free!) way to optimise images for web online. Doing this will speed up your website page loading time, and keep your customers from leaving you for your …
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How to find image size information

How to optimise images for websites

29 October 2019

Optimise images for websites might sound like a waste of time, but one of the most annoying experiences online is waiting for a webpage to load. If your website takes too long to load, many potential customers will navigate away …
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remove double chin photoshop

Remove double chin photoshop

23 October 2019

Here is a super fast way to remove a double chin using the photoshop liquify tool. Get it done less than 5 minutes. Follow my easy steps in the “remove double chin photoshop” video tutorial to save you stacks of …
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speed up retouching workflow

Speed up retouching workflow

22 July 2019

In My latest post “Speed up retouching workflow”, I have another suggestion on how you can optimise your time retouching photos. For this I would like to introduce you to Adobe Lightroom.  When I first started digitally retouching photos, my …
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photo retouching tips photoshop

Photoshop Actions

22 July 2019

Photoshop actions are a really amazing feature in Adobe Photoshop. I have neglected my blog for a while, so it is time to write another photo retouching tip using Photoshop. As a professional photo editor, there are times when I …
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photo retouching editing blog

Restore badly damaged photo

20 May 2019

A very satisfying photo restoration. Recently a USA based client sent me an enquiry, I was asked to restore a badly damaged photo. Her partner had a treasured signed photo of a baseball player: Don Mattingly, which had been water …
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photo retouching editing blog

Keep your photo retouching skills up to date

28 November 2018

Photo retouching skills are vital in my line of work. It’s always a good thing to brush up on these skills. It is especially important to keep up to date with new photo retouching tricks. I became complacent in the …
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retouching and upsizing a photo

Enlarging GoPro photos

25 October 2018

It is not every day that a photo you have taken, will be enlarged  to a staggering size and and then placed onto a huge billboard. What was really astounding was that it was a GoPro photo. Enlarging GoPro photos …
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