Damaged Photo Restoration

I offer a professional damaged photo restoration, photo retouching and editing service. With my image restoration and retouch service, I can fix your damaged photos for you and bring them back to their previous glory. I can digitally restore very badly damaged photographs, with parts of the picture missing, damaged, stained by water or other harmful substances. I have many years of professional damaged photo restoration and retouching experience, and bring back your precious memories to life. So protect your treasured memories with my professional damaged photo restoration service. Scan your damaged photo and send it to me. I will do the rest. Damaged photo retouching starts from as little as £3 ($4.50), there is also a bulk retouching discount for orders of 5 photos or more.

If you have any damaged photos that need to be digitally retouched and restored, contact me and I will restore them. I do not restore the original photo, what I suggest is that you get the damaged photo scanned professionally and email me the digital image to restore.

Let me repair your treasured photographs

  • I can digitally restore torn, damaged or faded photographs to their original glory.
  • I retouch photos that have sunlight or water damage, tears or creases.
  • I can restore photos with mould, dirt spots, stains, scratches or even parts of the original photo missing.
  • Almost any photo can be retouched to recreate what has been erased over the years.
  • I can digitally restore old or damaged photographs.
  • My photo retouching work does not alter or harm your original photos.
  • Payment only when you are completely happy with the results

Here is some feedback from my damaged photo restoration clients:

Thank you Chris for the quick work… if only everyone offered the customer service that you do.   Thanks again, Tamara 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I most certainly will pay and of course more than anything I have found you to do pictures for my husband and myself. My daughter turns 18 tomorrow and is moving away. So I was hoping it would all happen “in the nick of time”. You are my early Santa. Thank you again and here is to a long relationship. Tonya Burkhard.


Perfect, thanks!

We would certainly use you again & recommend you to people. The photo restoration service was just brilliant. Thanks again. Look forward to framing the pics! Kind regards, – Ciara