Photo Retouching Testimonials

Satisfied photo retouching customers make my day! As a digital photo editor, it is always great to hear from satisfied retouching clients. here are some of  MY GOOGLE REVIEWS:

Jayne Cimone

 2 weeks ago
I am a travel blogger and often have photos that need improving to a high level. Chris has an eye for detail and is extremely skilled and professional at delivering a very high standard of the final work within a very short time. My work was complex and involved changing the setup of the photos. I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be but I was very pleasantly surprised as Chris fulfilled my expectations and was friendly and professional throughout the whole process. I would happily recommend Chris to anyone that wants their photos to look their best.


Mankash Jain

23 weeks ago
Chris has an amazing skill set and his service is impeccable. Very quick and efficient and responds very quickly. Very reliable and very fair pricing. Highly recommend him!! AA++

Vincenzo Photography

23 weeks ago
If I need extra help I go to In Foucus.


23 weeks ago
If you need a photo retouched, for whatever reason, Chris is your go-to man – his work is AMAZING! Chris has retouched lots of photos for me over the years – whether a background needs changing, a person needs removing from a photo or a picture needs a complete makeover, his work is excellent and he comes highly recommended. Chris is also great for all those cosmetic retouches we all need now and then to make our photos truly amazing. Try him and find out for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

Some more of my recent testimonials

On occasion a wedding retouch service has started with calls and emails from very distraught brides and grooms whose wedding photos are beyond repair. “My photos are ruined, the wedding photographer did not pay any attention to my requests” is how the conversation starts. Once the photos have been sent to me, I asses their needs and digitally repair the photos until they are completely satisfied with the retouches:

Here are a few email testimonials from my satisfied photo retouching customers:

Thank you very much Chris. Amazing service and communication. We are really happy with the work. Let me know if I can give you a review in a specific site. Have a nice weekend Regards, – Maria de Oliveira, PhD in Science field Entomology (ESALQ / USP) MSc in Agroecosystem (UFS) BSc (Hons) (UFAL)

I know I’ve said it a lot, but thanks again. I’ve never seen such quick and courteous service, I will definitely come to you for any future photo retouching needs. Have a great rest of your day. – Cynthia Swift, UK

Great – thanks Chris. Invoice paid. Have a good rest of the weekend and I’ll be in touch again soon. Best wishes, Jason – Director Redmile London Ltd

Hi Chris, I got the enlarged final printed photos back and they are awesome! You did a great job on the photo retouching! Thanks a million!
Dave Cartwright – Fine Art Photography, Barbados

Thanks Chris – great service and photo retouches. Will certainly be back in touch when we next need some photographs retouched and restored.
Amy Hooper – Reward Manufacturing, UK

Thank you chris.. you have done a brilliant job retouching my photos. I will choose a set of my wedding pics to be retouched and contact you soon. – Samara, UK

Hi Chris, Your’e the best !! Your retouching services makes me look good !!
Ben – DC Event Photo, USA

Everything looks amazing Chris, thank you. Please send me the invoice 🙂
Jessica Douglas Photography, Toronto Canada

Thanks –  I’ll definitely use your services for future photo retouching work.
Marshall C. Harrison, USA

These are just a few of my photo retouching and restoration services testimonials. Get in touch with me to see how my photo retouching services can enhance your photos.

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These are just a few of my photo retouching and restoration services testimonials. Get in touch with me to see how my photo retouching services can enhance your photos.