Real Estate Photo Retouching

Real Estate Photo Retouching

With our real estate retouching service we can give your photos the WOW factor. Increase your sales with our professional real estate retouching photo editing services. This includes digitally editing all types of buildings.

We also retouch photos for architects. With our photo editing team, we enhance photos by correcting perspectives and straightening lines, giving the photographs a more aesthetic finish. 

Real Estate Retouching Services

With our real estate photo editing, anything is possible. From retouching a blue sky into an overcast photo, digitally removing unwanted power cables, retouching unwanted objects, giving a virtual paint job to a building, to basically any form of photo enhancement that can help sell your property. We can do it for you.

Real estate retouching starts from as little as £2 ($2.80), there is also a bulk retouching discount for orders of 5 photos or more.

Our real estate photo editing services also includes adjusting the colour, overall image enhancement and removing of unwanted objects and distractions in the photo. Real estate sales are based on selling a dream home. They rely on stunning photos. Our photo editing can achieve to make them stand out and attract potential buyers.

With our digital retouching and image editing, we can make your real estate photos stand out against the competition. We offer a variety of  photo enhancing services and I will ensure that we deliver the best quality real estate photos. We also offer a quick turnaround time and affordable rates.

Chris has an amazing skill set and his service is impeccable. Very quick and efficient and responds very quickly. Very reliable and very fair pricing. Highly recommend him!! AA++  Mankash Jain – CEO GRANDPAD London UK  –  A recent Google Business Review.

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What our real estate retouching can do for you:

  • We can correct colour, lighten dark photos.
  • Intensify and saturate the colours of the lawn, house and garden.
  • Make virtual repairs to certain features.
  • Create a sunny day for a cloudy day photo.
  • Perform virtual paint touch-ups.
  • Remove any unwanted background items.
  • Hide flaws, dirt or other small, detracting blemishes.
  • Correct perspectives and lines of buildings, add a blue sky to an overcast image.
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    Title: Digitally relocating an apartment.


    In this retouch ,we added a different background in the windows, we also retouched a few objects in the room, removing an unwanted mirror and changing the brown cushions to a more eye catching red. Chris helped us out by adding the City of London background into the image. We sell high end apartments and fittings for them, at the time of publication our renovation was not complete and we had to use one of our other apartments with a less attractive view. Thanks to Chris for adding the background, we could use this image in our pre sales marketing campaign.

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    Title: fixing perspectives and appearance


    With my photo editing skills I managed to bring back the detail, add a blue cloudy sky and correct the perspectives of the buildings.

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    Title: Retouch and straighten perspectives


    The photo was retouched by changing the perspectives to straighten the building. Unwanted parts of the garden were subtly removed and a more sunny blue sky with clouds were added to the photo. This helps makes the property more attractive to prospective buyers.

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    Title: Correct exposure and perspective


    In this real estate photo retouch we corrected the the exposure, reducing the darkness in the shadow area. We also corrected the the overall tone and exposure and lastly I corrected the perspectives in the photo.

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    Title: Interior exposure correction


    In this basic interior retouch, we corrected the the exposure by lightening the shadows. We also balanced the entire image, the result making it much easier to sell or rent this property to prospective clients.

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What our clients think about our real estate retouching:

For me the best way to advertise our retouching service is to let you know what my clients think about it:

  • Chris, OMG!. That’s amazing. I can’t believe you did that. Thank you so much. Take my money!!! I’ll be in touch with more, I’m almost certain!!!

    Liz Stewart Photography Washington DC

  • You are truly amazingly talented!! One of the best things that happened to my career was to meet and work with you. Best regards. Ben

    Ben Zweig, Owner,

  • Thank you so much I’ve paid you. I’ll be looking through my photos again and will send you for editing if I still require more edits. I’ve highly recommended you to the Singapore brides to be Telegram group and as well as the other girls who took photos at my bridal studio. Hopefully this will bring you more business! Will be leaving good reviews for you as well on Google. Best regards, Shirley

    Shirley Teo - Singapore

  • Thanks so much for your work Chris, speedy efficient & couldn't help enough! Will be using again!

    Bob Lyons - USA

  • Communication is great! The work is equally impressive. Response is spot on. You know exactly what it will cost, Chris makes sure you're satisfied before you get your image(s). This a hassle free, quality service! I look forward to future work.

    J.D. - USA

  • He fixed a photo that has been annoying me for years. Turned out much better than I had expected so I was impressed. Fast and reasonably priced. Should have done this years ago…

    James Maughan -UK

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