Remove double chin photoshop

23 October 2019

Here is a super fast way to remove a double chin using the photoshop liquify tool. Get it done less than 5 minutes. Follow my easy steps in the “remove double chin photoshop” video tutorial to save you stacks of time with your photo retouching. I have recently started posting videos on Youtube, so if you have a moment check it out:

This is not the usual method of removing a double chin, I stumbled upon it when I applied too much of the liquify tool in photoshop. I was about to redo the retouch, when I thought about trying to fix the photo by using the history brush in photoshop. The history brush is an amazing tool in photoshop, check it out it is a photo editing tool in its own right.

After this test, I realised I had found a valuable timesaving photo retouching technique and I now can remove double chin photoshop in a super fast time!

I will be adding more Youtube photoshop tutorials onto My Channel in the near future.

Remove double chin photoshop

is my first video tutorial, feel free to contact me if you have any photoshop or photo editing queries. Happy to help!

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