A very satisfying photo restoration

20 May 2019

Restore badly damaged photo. Recently a USA based client sent me an enquiry, I was asked to restore a badly damaged photo. Her partner had a treasured signed photo of a baseball player: Don Mattingly, which had been water damaged.

restore badly damaged photo

The Glass had cracked and the actual photo had become stuck to the frame and the glass, so it was impossible to get a high quality scan done.

After some discussion we agreed the best way forward was to carefully remove the sellotape and try and take a photo front on, this would assist in the photo restoration process, especially as the signed autograph needed preserving.





the scanned photo for restoration
She then sent me the updated version to start the photo restoration process. The first step was to transform the image as it had become warped in perspective, after that my team of dedicated photo restoration experts got started on the work.

badly damaged photo restoration completed image




This is the final image that I sent to the client to evaluate. To say she was happy was an understatement:

Chris, it’s incredible. Thank you so much!!!

Client feedback like that make being a photo retoucher really worthwhile.

Before you throw out your really damaged photo, send it to me, you never know I might just surprise you with the results!

So if you have any treasured memories that you are thinking of throwing our, before you do that, contact me and I might surprise you with what is possible when it comes to restoring badly damaged photos!

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