Retouching and enlarging a GoPro photo

25 October 2018

Retouching and enlarging a GoPro photo. It is not every day you get a photo of yours being blown up to a staggering size and then placed onto a huge billboard. 

retouching and upsizing photos

The massive billboard outside the auditorium, to compare the size have a look at the pedestrian passing underneath

It was used to promote the entire season (2017/2018) of concerts and events at the ADDA – Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante, which is the main auditorium in the province of Alicante -Spain. If you look at the banner, it is 43.5 by 5.6 metres in dimension, which means the actual image I shot has been successfully retouched and enlarged to 7.5 by 5.6 metres and is still clear and not distorted or pixelated. What makes this even more surprising for me was that I took the photo using my using my GoPro Hero 4 black – on holiday in Formentera, one of the Balearic Islands (Spain).

great composition and retouching

My Panasonic Lumix Bridge camera

I was on a friend’s sailboat and took a few holiday snaps using my Panasonic Lumix and when I was in the water, my little GoPro. I have included another few images of the trip, I particularly like the plunge my son made, especially the composition of the anchor and the bubble trails he left behind when impacting the water.

retouching and upsizing photos

I love the bubble pattern left behind by the impact

The slogan for the 2017/18 season was “Submerge Yourself in the Music” which explains why they ended up using my photo.

retouching and upsizing photos

The original GoPro photo used for the campaign

All the photos were shot using the most neutral settings, I find the standard GoPro colour settings a bit too vivid and sharp for my liking, so I use the Protune settings and make sure the contrast and clarity are flat. I then retouch and toned the colours using Lightroom.

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