Digital photo editing to enhance products

replacing colour to enhance photo using Photoshop

replacing colour to enhance photo

with the background wall colour changed the product is more visible

Digital photo editing to enhance products is a great way to make them more appealing to potential clients. A simple colour replacement tip to bring out a stock product.

Photo retouching is commonly used to increase sales. Here is a simple tip on enhancing a product using Photoshop to retouch the item.

Digital photo editing to enhance products

Recently I received a batch of furniture stock photos that needed enhancing. The client mentioned that he was disappointed by how the furniture got lost in the photo, as unfortunately the wall and bed in this case were almost identical in colour. I suggested that even a subtle colour replacement retouch on the wall would help bring out the furniture.

So out with the trusty pen tool, masking out the wall to create a vector mask of the furniture. Next select the colour the client has specified in the foreground colour picker, then select the wall colour using the background colour picker. Select the brush tool, drop down to the the colour replacement brush (with a tolerance of around 32) and paint over the wall. It is not a huge difference (the client wanted to keep the tones soft and pastel like), but you certainly can see the bed details far more clearly.

Hopefully these simple photo retouching tips are useful to you, especially in speeding up your workflow.

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