My wedding photo retouching service is my favourite digital photo editing work. My wedding photo retouching service is my favourite digital photo editing work. Especially when clients keep sending more photos and you get positive feedback from your customers.

I believe wedding photos are quite often one of the most memories of a person’s life. As a wedding photo editor, I have sometimes started working with clients that send me their engagement photos for editing. I then retouch their wedding photos, followed by their newborn baby and family photos.


What I enjoy most about digital photo retouching, is communicating with my clients. Listening to their input and feedback, and retouching the images until they are completely happy with their wedding photos. You know you have done a good job when your clients keep sending more photos to edit.

Wedding photo retouching service

I will always strive to keep my photo editing work as personalised as possible. I have many wedding photo editing clients that have told me they have tried other photo retouching companies, but have stopped using them because they cannot communicate directly with the photo editor. When this happens, the client struggles to give detailed instructions on amending the wedding photo retouches.

They have also tried online photo editing apps such as Pixlr X,

or even their mobile applications like Facetune. Unfortunately these apps are really limited in what they can do and are no comparison to a wedding photo retouching service.

I have a team of photo editors working for me. When I have too many photo edits to mange by myself, for example when my wedding photo retouching service receives a bulk order, I will use my team to assist in the photo retouching.

Throughout the process I constantly will check the work and only when I am satisfied will I send the edits to my clients. This ensures that receive photo retouches that meet their specific requirements. If you would like to check out my wedding photo retouching portfolio to see what I can do to improve your wedding photos, click here.

wedding photo editor

Using this simple business practice I have managed to build up a regular customer base. If you would like to use my wedding photo retouching service, feel free to get in touch. I will always reply to your emails and I am sure I can give you the best possible looking wedding photo.