Wedding photography tips part 2

23 May 2018

This is my second wedding photography tips post. How to take better wedding photography photos including retouching them. As you can well imagine juggling photography, photo retouching and trying to post blog articles can be a bit tricky when one is flat out. Feeling rather guilty that I had not posted a follow up article for a while, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a great blog that has even more great tips and advice regarding photography, check it out:

wedding photography tips

how to take better wedding photos

I found a particularly interesting article about starting out as a wedding photographer. It is really thorough, starting right from the beginning of a photographer’s process of buying the camera, here are the first few lines:

When you first picked up a camera and began taking pictures, do you remember how you felt? As you snapped photos of your surroundings or your friends and family, you may have thought about how getting into photography would be your dream job (and may have thought about starting a photography business).

Fast forward to today, and here you are, a wedding photography business owner. You did the research necessary to learn how to how to start a photography business, and now you spend your time doing exactly what you love and working with clients who adore you. Getting into photography as a business venture is just the beginning.

To read the full article click here:

I will do my best to post more advice for getting better photographic results especially my wedding photography tips , but I an certainly going to bookmark this website, you will not believe the amount of enquiries I get from my photography clients regarding certain lighting techniques and ways to improve their photos, I will certainly be pointing them to the blog I had found.

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