Wedding photography tips

28 March 2018

Wedding photography tips and advice to reduce your photo retouching time in front of the computer..

wedding photo advice

A list of simple photographic tips to assist when photographing a wedding

I get a lot of photo retouching enquiries from very unhappy brides and grooms. In my opinion it is probably one of the most important events in people’s lives and the photographic memories are a treasure to them. There are many things that can go wrong during a wedding photography photo shoot, below are a few tips that might help you avoid these common mistakes.

1:Set the colour balance manually. I have lost count on the amount of times I have had to retouch wedding photos, to correct a “yellow” or “green” colour cast in all the photos. Weddings usually take place in at least two locations, so it is imperative that the photographer remembers to set the white balance for both locations.

2: If it is possible go to both venues before the wedding day and do a few test photographs. This way you can check the photos to evaluate the lighting and check for any anomalies that would only appear after you have completed the photo shoot. This way you can guarantee, no surprises when you open your photos to retouch them.

3: Keep an eye on the film speed (iso).This may sound like a silly tip, but I have had many wedding photo retouching clients whose only request is to remove the graininess from wedding photos. The surprising thing for me when I check the photos, is that the were shot in good lighting environments, but at a film speed (iso) of over 1600 which is not needed.

4: Spend time with the bride and groom and get to understand what they are expecting from the final retouched wedding photos. Ask them to show you a selection of wedding photos that they really like from magazines or online to get an idea of the style of photography that is pleasing to them.

5: As a resource always take extra photographs of the venue(s), in my experience I have noticed that my retouch clients have asked for a group photo that was taken in a not so ideal location be retouched, say to in front of the church or venue as an example.

6: Be very careful when photographing outside to avoid direct light on the subjects. One of my most difficult photo retouching assignments is removing unwanted shadows from peoples faces. Human eyes are far more capable of viewing a wider spectrum of dark and bright areas. Unfortunately even the best and most expensive digital camera cannot correctly capture dark shadows and bright lights in a single image. If you are asked to photograph the wedding party outside, I would suggest looking for a natural umbrella such as a tree or an overhanging building, which will protect from the problems faced with shooting in direct sunlight.

These are only but a few of the common problems I encounter when retouching wedding photographs, I hope this post has been of some use to you.

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