wedding retouching airbrushing

an example of body reshaping retouching

Wedding retouching airbrushing has become popular. This increasing popularity of having retouched wedding photos. W

hen it comes to body reshaping and retouching, has become one of my most requested photo retouch service.

As a wedding photo retouching specialist. I was recently contacted by  a leading Australian newspaper to contribute to their article. “Rising popularity of retouched wedding photos sees brides slimmed, tucked and airbrushed”. in Australia were covering an article about the growing demand for virtual slimming photo retouching services. This is also  known as body reshaping and retouching . This especially used for wedding photo retouching. They asked me for my input into this growing trend. To read the full article CLICK HERE.

Here is a snippet of the article:

Wedding retouching Airbrushing

It’s a trend that is not only providing photographers with more business. But has seen a boom for professional digital photo editors, like Chris Ganser from In Focus Photo Retouching.

Mr Ganser said that the most frequent request from wedding photography clients are requests for cosmetic surgery retouching.

I do get a lot of enquiries from clients these days about retouching wedding photos for slimming (body shaping retouching). Tucking and airbrushing. In fact I am finishing off another batch of 200 wedding photos. A client from the USA has asked for slimming of her arms and her face..

This is a service I specialise in. It always makes me happy when I get a positive response from a satisfied customer:

Hi Chris, Thank you for the final photo retouches. I’ve got them all. Some feedback for you: I couldn’t be happier with the photo retouching work you have done for me. You have made me love my wedding photos again and the retouches you have produced is of such good quality. Nothing was too hard of a task for you and you were so quick and efficient with your turn around.  We both couldn’t be happier. Thanks again I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your retouching services to others.                                                                Regards, Emily, USA